ISD Vision

Get a world where there will be only happy patients and happy dentists.

ISD Mission

Make Armenia an international center of dentistry

ISD Goals

  • Develop international network of professionals, industry leaders and organizations.
  • Create a platform where collaboration of modern and traditional dental ideas will enable innovative solutions for the safe treatment of patients, development stomatologists, dental clinics and education centers.
  • To train and pave the way for young dentists and to equip them with necessary knowledge to move forward. 

Why ISD School?

  • Offers alternative quality education
  • Find new business and professional connections
  • Provides valuable practic experience
  • To communicate with experienced dentists and to learn from their ideas and experience
  • Self-development at the ISD dental library.
  • Opportunities to develop management skills.

Within the scope of the program, the medical staff of “White Castle” will try to make a contribution to the education of interested young people by providing valuable and original feedback.

The Curriculum of the School

1. Distribution of Classes
The school plans to admit eight students for each academic year. Practical trainings
will be held twice a week – on Tuesdays and Thursdays – with one student attending
per day. Each training will take about six to eight hours.
Overall, it is anticipated that the school will hold eight trainings per month and eighty
trainings per year.

2. Training Format and Curriculum
Admitted students will participate both in practical and soft-skill development
trainings throughout the program. They will occasionally participate in individual
development trainings, dental talks and presentations.

Table 2.1 Curriculum

(per student)
Frequency (per
Practical trainings and daily reports8Once a month
Trainings on leadership, team involvement,
body language, etc.
8Once a month
Mentoring (individual development)2Once a semester
Presentation2Once a semester
Dental talks2Once a semester

If a student’s participation in a surgical procedure at the end of the year is successful, they may be offered an internship at the clinic.