ISD Vision

Create a world with happy patients and happy doctors

ISD Mission

Unique education for innovative & caring future doctors

Our Goals

  • Develop dental tourism as a product.
  • Develop an international network of professionals, industry leaders, and organizations.
  • Create a platform where the collaboration of modern and traditional dental ideas will enable innovative solutions for the safe treatment of patients, development of the stomatologists and dental clinics, and education centers.
  • To train and pave the way for young dentists and equip them with the necessary knowledge to move forward.

Why ISD School?

  • Offers alternative quality education
  • Finds new business and professional network
  • Provides valuable practical experience
  • Helps to communicate with experienced dentists and learn from their experience
  • Ensures self-development at the ISD dental library.
  • Offers opportunities to develop management skills.

You will receive important feedback from the professionals in the White Castle team and community

The Curriculum of the School


In the 2022-2023 academic year, 8 students will be given the opportunity to study at the school. The courses will be held twice a week. One day there will be a professional lecture with local and international lecturers at the school, and the next day the student will take part in therapeutic and other internships in the White Castle.


During the academic year we will also have courses of soft skills and 10 lessons of professional English. These trainings will be conducted by highly skilled practitioners with the best knowledge of these areas and skills. There will be business visits to our partner dental centers and dental laboratories. An individual development plan will be developed for each student during the academic year, which is very important for the proper construction and further development of the professional field. Topics will be chosen for each student and they will make professional presentations in collaboration with the school team.

Overall, the school will offer eleven training sessions per month and ninety sessions per year.

Table 2.1 Curriculum

Activity Number
(per student)
Frequency (per
Practical training sessions and daily reports 31 4 a month
Training on leadership, teamwork,
body language, etc.
Dental English 10 During 1,5 month
Presentation 1 Once a semester
Dental talks 37 3 a month

ISD Dental Library

Purpose of the ISD Dental Library is creating a state-of-the-art dental library with a good opportunity for self-development not only for young people but also for experienced professionals to support the development of dental tourism in Armenia.
The doors of the Dental Library are always open for professionals.

For students registration in the library is free.

Your experience will be based on the necessary professional knowledge, and development soft skills in business English, effective communication, teamwork, management and other non-professional skills will help accelerate your future success in dentistry.

You will be eligible for internship at the White Castle clinic (and relevant partner organizations) after your successful graduation of the course.

What doctors say about us

“Many knowledgeable professionals work at “White Castle” Dental Medical Clinic. By contacting such specialists, I realized that dentistry in Armenia has a pretty solid foundation. I learned how to communicate with patients, how to provide assistance,  how  to get out of different situations, how to work more carefully and delicately with patients and to provide perfect dental services. Special Thanks To David Hovhannisyan”.

Gegham Gevorgyan

“Collaboration with the professional team of “White Castle” is the first serious experience  in my internship. It was a great opportunity for me  to work with knowledgeable and creative professionals in their field, get acquainted with the innovations in the field, and what is most important, to learn the  ethics of dentist-patient relationships. Important achievements are the opportunities for the exchange of the experience with Armenian and foreign professionals, professional dialogues, organization of forums, participation in open and closed discussions, provision of professional contemporary literature, etc. The professional activity of “White Castle”, high quality medical services, the experience of working with high quality professionals has enabled us, beginner professionals, to have professional growth ”.

Petros Yeranosyan

“Internship at “White Castle” Clinic was an opportunity for me to acquire the first and most influential practical knowledge, which played a key role in my professional development. “White Castle” Clinic provides high quality educational and therapeutic services. Good luck, ISD Dental School”.

Inessa Sagheyan