Do you need prior experience in professional work? Do you Want to start your career today?

If You:

  • have at least basic knowledge of dental practices, are confident in your decision to pursue a career in dentistry and have motivated to learn and to be inventive,
  • open for new knowledge and changes, and be able to meet unpredictable challenges on your way to success,
  • study in undergraduate course or clinical residency at faculty of dentistry of any medical university.


You want:

  • To start your career as soon as possible,
  • To gain experience needed for professional work,
  • To create new professional and business connects;
  • To get practical advice on how to properly develop and further your career path.


We offer you:

  • To gain professional knowledge and experience from successful local and international lecturers and doctors of the ISD Dental School,
  • To participate in treatment processes and other activities at the White Castle Dental Medical Clinic,
  • Opportunity  to learn management, effective communication, professional English, and other skills that will help you develop your professional path more rapidly,
  • To become an active part of our young and growing team,
  • To take the advantage of visiting the ISD dental library and enjoy  the opportunity to attend our events.



  • Duration: 8 months
  • Hours: 12.00 – 20.00 (you can find the curriculum at:
  • Computer skills
  • Knowledge of English
  • Serious approach to the study and work


The education at the ISD Dental School requires payment of 650,000 AMD for the whole duration of tuition.
The Dental Tourism Armenia Foundation ( founder of ISD projects ) is not-for-profit organization: the mentioned sum is used mainly for implementing development projects and for expenses related to lectures.

Investing in your dental education is one of the most important financial actions you will take.


Admission exams: August-September
(admission exams consist of 2 phases: online application(essay)  and interview)

Semester 1: September-December

Semester 2: February-May

For participation. To apply for the first stage of admission for 2023-2024, please fill this online form before 13:00, 14 September 2023.

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