Aleksander Lapshin at White Castle

How I appeared on a dental chair after participating in a TV program

In fact, I should have visited a dentist because of the broken teeth in a prison in Azerbaijan on September 11, 2017, when a day before I was released, they attacked in the prison to kill me. Four assholes in masks were suffocating and hitting my head against the metallic corner of the bed. They broke my two teeth. Returning to Tel Aviv,  hardly had the airplane landed, I was taken to the medical center “Shiba”, where I had a full examination, documenting all the injuries I received in the prison in Baku, including the broken teeth. After the first examination, the second one was scheduled in the USA,  and I had to wait and postpone tooth treatment so that forensic medical experts could have their examination. That is why my story with broken teeth took six months. It was absolutely unethical, but I could not afford because of lack of time as I had a number of business trips and issues. And only after arriving in Armenia in April 2018, and appearing in Arm Comedy, I understood that I had to start the treatment immediately. While the reporters were smiling widely with all their white 32 teeth, I had to hide mine.

Meanwhile, I was expected to be hosted on TV for dozens of interviews and shows. I had to start the treatment urgently, and that is why just after the Arm Comedy show, I took a taxi and headed to a famous clinic in Yerevan named “White Castle”. I should mention, that I had always had fear of dentists. But I was going there with the wish to solve the issue with the teeth as soon as possible. The teeth were creating an absolute moral discomfort for me, and it was shadowing any fear.

Entering the clinic, you just cannot help smiling openly to a wonderful young lady and I had to remember about my teeth and just throw an emotionless “Hi”, hoping I will still have a chance to smile back to her.

While sitting in a dental chair, you can watch something on TV, listen to music or even check your mail. Your hands are free, unlike your teeth. A great idea. In my case, I was absolutely abstracted from the noise of Bor machine and was watching a music clip with interest. I walked around in clinic with the permission of the dentist.

Here the students from the faculty of Stomatology of Yerevan State Medical University are studying.

The office of the director of the clinic, Dr. David Hovhanissyan

I think this is the last photo where I hide my broken teeth under a mask of a joker. Dr. Hovhannisyan will forgive me.

Let’s go. I will definitely confirm that this was the best dental treatment in my whole life so far. It was fast, professional and high quality. You will not believe but I slept in the dental chair. Well, not for a long time, but I had never experienced it. I could not relax in a dental chair.

And now I will show you my teeth when I came to the clinic and what I have now. There were two problems. When Azeries were beating my face and teeth against the corner of a bed, they broke a  piece of the second frontal tooth in two places and a piece of the third tooth. Besides, while I was in the prison in Baku, because of bad food and conditions, my teeth started to crack and break. I will have to say, that after two or three years of imprisonment in prisons in Azerbaijan, people will have broken and lost teeth. Not enough vitamins, frequent beating, and bullying, poor nutrition.

I was lucky, only one tooth suffered; a piece of upper frontal fifth molar just broke without any reason while I was eating. Just a third of a tooth is not there. The nerve is there, I had to suffer a horrible toothache every time when I had to eat. For some weeks, I asked them to take me to a dentist; they had to do it according to legislation. In the end, they took me there. I understand everything. They see me as an Armenian spy and a personal enemy of IlhamAliev. But could they treat my teeth normally? They just wanted to show off; they did everything legally. No, they could not. They treated me without anesthesia; prisoners (they called me Armenian spy) should not get it. They used the worst and cheap materials, they did not even choose the color properly. They damaged the gum (pay attention to a literally torn piece of tissue over the tooth) and finally, they did everything breaking the basic technical standards. And I could explain why caries started just on the newly treated tooth. I had a constant toothache during the last days in the prison and was worried not to lose the tooth.

The doctor had to handle my situation. To treat and recover the frontal teeth was not difficult, however, we had a completely another story with the fifth tooth. The nerve was near, but to clean the canal, meant to kill the tooth and lose it in some years.   It took them more than two hours to work on the tooth. Finally, they saved the tooth. Here is the photo of the treatment. Do not worry about redness above the teeth that were being treated; it is normal, and now after two days, there is nothing.

Before you ask me whether this is an advertisement of a clinic, I will tell you that I am sincerely and wholeheartedly grateful to Dr. David Hovhannisyan and his clinic White Castle not only for professionalism but also for the principled position. Knowing my story of being kidnapped from Belorussia and taken to Azerbaijan and how I was bullied, offered their contribution in my rehabilitation. Free of charge. For the sake of justice. Thank you, friends!


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