ISD Dental School certificate award ceremony and lecture space renaming to honor fallen Artsakh war participant Karo Hovagimian

August 21, 2021, marked the ISD Dental School 2019-2020 academic year certificate award ceremony and renaming of the school’s lecture space to honor the hero of the 44-day Artsakh war, our colleague and friend Karo Hovagimian. The event was attended by Karo’s parents – Sargis and Zepyur Hovagimians, as well as Karo Hovagimian Foundation chairman, who presented the goals and objectives of the newly established foundation.

The graduates accepted congratulations from the school’s business partners – Eldex, DDC, and NV Dental – the companies that supported the learning process throughout the year. We are also thankful to local and foreign specialists, who shared their knowledge and experience with the students, specifically to Hrant Ter-Poghosyan, Arakel Torosyan, Vahagn Bagheyan, David Matevosyan, Larina Bichakhchyan, Mihran Minasyan, Alexander Lapshin, Naira Hovhannisyan, Martik Hartoonian, David Hovhannisyan, Karine Matevosyan, Levon Sargisov, Aram Abgaryan, Bagrat Smbatyan, Aram Davidyan, Karen Chavushyan, Hamlet Mkrtchyan, Tigran Mnacakanyan, Hapet Mukoyan, Dmitriy Kompanients.

ISD Dental School graduates are now ready to start working and make their valuable contribution to the development of dentistry in Armenia, including the development of dental tourism, which is the main goal of Dental Tourism Armenia Foundation, the

school founding body. We wish them every success in their future career.


From now on, everyone who enters the school’s lecture space will remember the heroic deed of Karo, a person who died for the sake of the Armenian nation, and will assume a mission to develop and strengthen the Armenian state.