One of the most important conditions for successful treatment is the implementation of scientifically sound treatment methods. Since dentistry is actively developing year by year, it is imperative for specialists to be active and utilize all opportunities for self-development in order to carry out the modern treatment.
A very effective way of self-development is to read contemporary and constantly updated professional books and magazines.
Though the Internet is now flooded with professional materials that are also important for self-development, but in our opinion, real  books and magazines remain the source of quality and reliable information.
That’s why we have created the ISD Library, where dentists can find the most up-to-date literature to keep up with world news.

Purpose of the ISD Dental Library.

To create  a state-of-the-art dental library with a good opportunity for self-development not only for the students  but also for experienced professionals to support the development of dental tourism in Armenia.

Library's Friends

On behalf of the whole team and members of the Dental Library, we thank our donors: Aram Davidyan, Artak Antanyan, Karina Matevosyan, Gagik Kalantaryan, Paruyr Daduryan, Alexander Astrovsky, Tigran Martirosyan …

If you would like to donate dental books and journals to the ISD Library, you can get in touch with the contacts below.


The library is has free access for   medical students, trainees, and lecturers . The use of library resources  will be on a paid basis for the dentists. The library is  constantly updated with new literature and resources. The funds raised from the activities of the ISD Library will be used for the purposes of the Dental Tourism to Armenia Foundation.

For membership and questions you can contact the contacts below or fill out this online application form  for students or online application form  for doctors.

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