ISD students visit to the DaVinci training center/ Russia/Stavropol

From February 1 to 6, the students and representatives of ISD Dental School visited Stavropol, Russian Federation, where they attended DaVinci training center founded by prosthodontist Karen Chavushyan.

Every year, the course in dental orthopedics starts in this very place for the ISD students, who get the opportunity to practice tooth facing on special models with the help of a dental microscope for six types of dental prostheses from simple veneers to crowns under the guidance of doctor Chavushyan, who traditionally oversees the whole working process, answers questions and gives advice.

The students also attended a lecture on surgical periodontal therapy by dental surgeon Alexander Amyants.


This year, our group included three dental technicians, which made the course format complete, as prosthodontists and dental technicians should closely cooperate to achieve a lasting result.

In their free time, the group toured the city and saw the sights.

This course is ultimately important for the future career of our students, while the warm reception by Karen Chavushyan and Ani Atanesyan will always be a dear memory.

We extend our gratitude for fruitful cooperation to doctor Chavushyan and look forward to a new meeting next year.