ISD Dental School's students visit to the DaVinci Training Center and 3 days course of the dr.Karen Chavushyan.

From February 29 to March 2, 2020, the students of ISD Dental School were on a visit to Stavropol, Russia, where they took part in a hand skill course offered by Karen Chavushyan, the founder of Da Vinci dental training center. The course participants discussed and mastered 8 types of front and back teeth preparation, one-step impression, precise temporary tooth restoration, adhesive retention and other techniques. Special attention was paid to the work with dental microscopes, ergonomics of the dental orthopedic office and communication with laboratory. In addition, the students had an opportunity to have a great time and see the city sights.

ISD School extends gratitude to Mr. Chavushyan and his team for the experience they shared with the Armenian students and doctors.

All travel expenses, including the air tickets and accommodation, were covered by Dental Tourism Armenia Foundation