Medical tourism, along with other branches of tourism, can become an important factor in contributing to the development of Armenia. “White Castle” Dental Clinic medical team takes practical steps towards medical tourism where dental tourism is a major sector with far- reaching perspectives.In the framework of the “Dental Tourism to Armenia” and “Solutions” projects initiated by our clinic medical team the Medical Tourism Association invited representatives from the International Association headed by Renee-Marie Stephano in the effort to promote medical tourism in Armenia. Within the framework of the program the guests visited several leading medical and dental centers. Informal meetings were held in the City Hall and the Ministry of Health, as well as the Armenian Institute of Tourism Bank. On July 1-2 the guests participated in forum “Tourism in Armenia” in the Golden Palace Hotel organized by “Solutions” project team, and on July 3 participated in “medical tourism workshop” in the Yerevan State Medical University organized by the “Dental Tourism to Armenia” and “Solutions” teams. The aims of the workshop were the following Clinics and hospitals in the latest marketing trends. International visitor management featuresRepresentatives from leading medical and health centers as well as tourist companies in Armenia were invited to the seminar. At the seminar agreements were reached, and proposals were voiced to make similar seminars regular. A memorandum on joint educational programs was signed by YSMU, Medical Tourism Association, “Solutions” and “Dental Tourism to Armenia” project. The guests left greatly satisfied with the promising start and future development of active cooperation within the framework of existing agreements.