Goals and Activity

One of the our long term goals is contributing to Dentistry in Armenia by developing Dental Tourism as major line in Medical Tourism of Armenia. We see Armenia as a country with huge potential to make it a  regional and even a worldwide center of dentistry.

To develop dentistry in the region we are keeping up with the  latest trends, constantly improving our professionalism, participating and organizing various medical events, trainings for industry professionals. You may find us being active in public forums and workshops. We are giving special attention to youth. That was the reason, we have established an educational center and library for students. Our collaboration with NGOs, international organizations and institutions as well as lobbying changes in dental industry regulations and medical law  aims to create more comfortable, protected and professional working environment.

6 main spheres of our activities:

  • Dental Tourism Armenia
  • Protection and Lobbing of Dentists’ interests and rights
  • Regular participation in professional conferences and events
  • Staff development and professional trainings
  • Public lessons and educational events
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Latest News

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