Aesthetic Restoration of Teeth

Not so long ago, stomatology didn`t pay so much attention to the teeth aesthetics as today. Generally the strong emphasis was put on the elimination of pain, and the purpose was to preserve a tooth and to take down and relieve the inflammation.

Nowadays the modern dentistry is moving with the times, developing together with the society. And the aesthetics and the impeccable decorative appearance today belong to the social needs and are of great demand of the society. The nature doesn’t create ideal people; therefore we are frequently striving to improve everything that you were deprived of nature. To improve your smile has become very simple, it is only necessary to visit a doctor in our clinic dealing with the aesthetic restoration of teeth. This procedure will certainly help you to restore and recover the pearl color of your teeth, disguise all the possible defects, to correct the occlusion and the form of teeth and restore the transparency and brightness. Apart from that in the process of aesthetic restoration of teeth it is possible to eliminate the consequences of diseases and dental trauma and damages of enamel and completely eliminate the defects of the dentition.
In each particular case, the work on the artistical restoration of teeth is in connection with each of them so that we can restore the individual structure.

At the aesthetic restoration of teeth there are the materials of new generation applied such as composites and compomer restorative material. The peculiarity of their usage is that they come into chemical reaction with teeth tissue, and with the lapse of time they form one integral unit. This is the undoubted advantage of the artistical restoration in comparison with other types of teeth correction. Without any doubt, it is much easier and more reasonable to “make” the ideal smile first last and all the time than frequently visit the stomatologist in order to correct it.