Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry has a large set of methods by which the West achieved a record result – at least two seals, on average, per child at the age of 12! Most of these techniques are already available in our country, it’s just necessary to know about them and use them in time.
First of all, of course, it’s necessary to teach a child to take care of his or her teeth as soon as possible, and reach the result of making it a strong habit for the child. You should first help your child thoroughly every night and then they’ll do without unnecessary comments.

What you should know
Come to the Dental clinic and bring the child with you, even if the child is very little. Dentists of the Dental Medical Clinic “White Castle” who are involved in pediatric dentistry will give you valuable advice and will help even with the milk teeth, strengthening them with fluoride varnish. It is easier to prevent disease than treat it.

And when the permanent teeth erupt, be alert and seal grooves on the teeth with a special sealant in time, which will give a fitting rebuff to caries. At the same time be careful and ask, if there is a malocclusion that should be reformed, especially if any of your close relatives has an unusual arrangement of teeth and outstanding jaw forms. No one would like their child to have a complex about his non-ideal smile as compared with his coevals. It’s better to wear nice coloured braces with ornaments in childhood, than later when adult spend a big amount of time and money on luxury sapphire or its lingual analogues.
And, one more thing
Please do not frighten the child with the dentist! Or they will stop believing you – at least because in many good dental clinics for children wonderful machines are used instead of terrible drills. Painless! And syringes for injections, if needed special ones are applied – karpulnye, thin, which give instant relief of pain and do not injure the gums.
Note – all innovations in dentistry for children appeared and came to Armenia in recent years literally. And what heights it can reach, it is even impossible to imagine! So do not forget to come to your dentist for the dental news every six months – then both you and your child will not miss a thing for sure!