Root Canal Treatment

Improper treatment and filling of root canals ultimately leads to inflammation not only to the tooth itself, but also to the surrounding bone to cause early loss of teeth. Practice shows that 75% of tooth loss after treatment are associated with incomplete, excessive, or even untreated channels. The criteria for assessing the quality of dentistry is not just aesthetics (artistic restoration of teeth, dentures), but due to the right treatment and filling of root canals. .Even the most beautiful crown or restoration does not last long when the channel is poorly sealed. Therefore, the singular importance of this area as a separate region is endodontics.
Endodontics is the branch of dentistry, dealing with anatomy, pathology and treatment of tooth cavities and root canals. Generally, endodontics should be understood as interference in the internal area of the tooth in order to maintain and prepare for the subsequent recovery ( natural features) using either of the methods – a therapeutic or orthopedic. Over the last decade with the introduction of new technologies in endodontics qualitative changes took place. Digital radiography, the introduction of nickel-titanium rotary instruments, the new system of obturation (filling), root canals, the use of biocompatible sealants have greatly improved the quality and reliability of endodontic treatment.

MODERN ENDODONTICS – a complex process, include:

  • Isolate the tooth with rubber dam – a special thin rubber film, which completely eliminates the ingress of saliva in the tooth cavity and protects the mucosa from irritation of drugs in the processing channels.
  • Clean off the root canals with hand and machine tools, capable to handle even the most narrow or curved channel.
  • Irrigate canals with special antiseptic.
  • If necessary –carry out the temporary filling of root canal with healing pastes.
  • Eliminate the effects of perforation of the root.
  • Tool curved root canals using protapers.
  • Fill the channel with gutta-percha using cold lateral condensation or warm vertical condensation.
  • Fill a strongly curved or branched thermoplastic root canal with gutta-percha.

In our Armenian Dental Medical Clinic root canal treatment is carried out by professionals, who have advanced training and owning the most modern skills and technology in this field. In the treatment of our patients, we achieve lasting results.