From September 1-st to October 3-rd , specifically at the invitation of our team from USA will arrive dental hygienist dr. Karina Matevosyan. On the basis of the ISD School in the Dental Clinic White Castle will be organized practical course on topic “Non-surgical periodontology”. The course will last 5 weeks.

The non-surgical periodontal treatment allows curing the oral soft tissue on different stages of gingival disease.  In United States Dental hygiene profession actually called a non-surgical periodontal dentistry, and it does not exists in Armenia as an occupation.

Dental hygienists’ responsibilities include and not limited to diagnosing, healing the gingival disease and educating the patients in appropriate home care of their oral cavity. The procedures dental hygienist provides can prevent the aggressive disease stages and help to maintain healthy soft tissue care.


Karina Matevosyan is a successful practitioner with more than 20 years’ experience and have a background in teaching and instructing in the Dental Hygiene field. She is highly professional, ethical and enthusiastic about dental profession and as a result devote much of her free time to it.


This course will contain a theoretical part of the profession in 1 lecture, which will cover necessary knowledge to successful practicing.  Then during nine practical instructions the participants will get accustom with main scaling instruments and learn the proper way to use it.

The organizers and participants are looking forward to this training event.