In our clinic we offer the wide range of orthodontic treatment to our clients. We render assistance to our patients from an early age – from 2-2,5 years. In case of children treatment in milk or mixed bite the individually made devices and standard devices such as: vestibular or vestibulooral plates, trainers, activators, which help to release a child from bad habits influencing on malocclusion formation, are used. The orthodontic plate devices of different design and braces are applied for adolescents.
In our clinic the great variety of braces is presented, from metal which includes braces with gold coating to esthetic (ceramics, sapphire braces), from ligature to selfligate. For example, the most recent braces allow performing the orthodontic treatment without dental extraction and the treatment of complex abnormalities of dental system. While applying selfligate braces the duration of treatment reduces with 25-50%.
If a great number of teeth are absent the orthodontic implants are used to support the device in our clinic, that makes it possible to treat and control teeth irregularity at patients to whom the traditional methods of treatment are contraindicative.
The orthodontic preparation before prosthetic, the orthesis of tooth alignment for patients with parodentium are also available in our clinic.